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Session Summary

Wednesday, 27.3.2019

Located at Die Lernfabrik, Insitute of Machine Tools and Production Technology (IWF), Langer Kamp 19b, Braunschweig

Interactive Learning of Assembly Processes using Digital Assistance
by Hendrik Oestreich, Torben Töniges, Michael Wojtynek, Sebastian Wrede

A Practical Approach of Teaching Digitalization and Safety Strategies in Cyber-Physical Production Systems
by Titanilla Komenda, Gerhard Reisinger and Wilfried Sihn

Implementation of a cyber-physical cooling storage station in a learning factory
by Marcus Vogt, Benjamin Uhlig, Kuldip Singh Sangwan, Christoph Herrmann, Sebastian Thiede

Human Robot Interaction – learning how to integrate collaborative robots into manual assembly lines
by Henning Oberc, Christopher Prinz, Paul Glogowski, Kai Lemmerz, Bernd Kuhlenkötter

Development of an education program for digital manufacturing system engineers based on ‘Digital Triplet’ concept
by Yasushi Umeda, Jun Ota, Fumio Kojima, Masahiro Saito, Hiroki Matsuzawa, Takuji Sukekawa, Akihide Takeuchi, Kazuya Makida, Shouhei Shirafuji

Connectivity as a prior challenge in establishing CPPS on basis of heterogeneous IT-software environments
by Stefan Trabesinger, Rudolf Pichler, Daniel Schall, Richard Gfrerer

The virtual FMS – an engineering education environment
by Hasse Nylund, Veikko Valjus, Ville Toivonen, Minna Lanz, Harri Nieminen

Center of Excellence for Lean Enterprise 4.0
by U. Dombrowski, J. Wullbrandt, S. Fochler

Development of Learning Factory at FSRE, University of Mostar
by Željko Stojkić, Igor Bošnjak

AD Design Guidelines for Implementing I4.0 Learning Factories
by Erwin Rauch, Florian Morandell, Dominik T. Matt

Integration of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient production into a pharmaceutical Lean Learning Factory
by Natalie Petrusch, Felix Sieckmann, Jan P. Menn, Holger Kohl

A Learning Factory concept for skills enhancement in rail car manufacturing industries
by Nkateko Maheso, Khumbulani Mpofu, Boitumelo Ramatsetse

Development of a low cost machine vision based quality control system for a learning factory
by Louis Louw, Marli Droomer

Augmented Go & See: An approach for improved bottleneck identification in production lines
by Constantin Hofmann, Tom Staehra, Samuel Cohen, Nicole Stricker, Benjamin Haefner, Gisela Lanza

Outline of an Industry 4.0 Awareness Game
by Steffen Tram Mortensen, Kelvin Koldsø Nygaard and Ole Madsen

Learning environment for robotics education and industry-academia collaboration
by Minna Lanz, Roel Pieters, Reza Ghabcheloo

Living Learning Environments
by Thomas Rossmeissl, Erwin Groß, Maria Tzempetonidou, Jörg Siegert

Using the IIM LEAD factory to identify countermeasures for the demographic challenge
by Matthias Wolf, Patrick Herstätter, Christan Ramsauer

Introduction of a new product in an operating assembly process at Graz University of Technology´s LEAD Factory
by Elias Auberger, Hugo Karre, Christian Ramsauer

Thursday, 28.3.2019

Located at Haus der Wissenschaft, Pockelsstraße 11, Braunschweig

Using an interdisciplinary demonstration platform for teaching Industry 4.0
by Jeffrey Wermann, Armando Walter Colombo, Agnes Pechmann, Maximilian Zarte

Integration of LiFi Technology in an Industry 4.0 Learning Factory
by Vasu Dev Mukku, Sebastian Lang, Tobias Reggelin

Integration of IT Into a Lean Basic Training: Target Group-Specific Insights and Recommendations
by Martin Adam, Maximilian Hofbauer, Bernhard Mandl

Integrated Concept for Acquisition and Utilization of Production Feedback Data to Support Production Planning and Control in the Age of Digitalization
by Philipp Schäfers, Alexander Mütze, Peter Nyhuis

Using Holograms for visualizing and interacting with educational content in a Teaching Factory
by Dimitris Mavrikios, Kosmas Alexopoulos, Konstantinos Georgoulias, Sotiris Makris, George Michalos, George Chryssolouris

Development of a training concept for leadership 4.0 in production environments
by Sina Helming, Florian Ungermann, Natalie Hierath, Nicole Stricker, Gisela Lanza

Potentials of Augmented Reality in Training
by Sabrina Romin Sorko, Magdalena Brunnhofer

Optimization of highly automated production line: An advanced engineering educational approach
by Dimitris Mourtzis, Dimitris Tsakalos, Fotini Xanthi, Vasilios Zogopoulos

Building capabilities for agility in a learning factory setting
by Hugo Karre, Markus Hammer, Christian Ramsauer

SEPT Approaches for Education and Training using a Learning Factory
by Dan Centea, Ishwar Singh, Mo Elbestawi

Co-determination – An interdisciplinary concept to train PhD students from different disciplines
by Anna Conrad, Henning Oberc, Manfred Wannöffel, Bernd Kuhlenkötter

Using a semi-automated job-shop production system model to prepare students for the challenges of Industrial Cyber-Physical Systems
by Agnes Pechmann, Jeffrey Wermann, Armando Walter Colombo, Maximilian Zarte

Integration and testing of the RFID-enabled Smart Factory concept within the Learning Factory
by Marko Mladineo, Ivica Veza, Nikola Gjeldum, Marina Crnjac, Amanda Aljinovic, Andrej Basic

Manufacturing System Design using Simulation in Metal Industry towards Education 4.0
by Dimitris Mourtzis, Anastasios Vasilakopouloa, Evagoras Zervas, Nikoletta Boli

Integration of digitization trends in learning factories
by Fan Li, Jianxin Yang, Jianmei Wang, Shuangshou Li, Li Zheng

Didactic Concept for Increasing Acceptance of Consistent Data Standards Using the Example of Assistance Systems in Assembly
by Jannis Stecken, Matthias Linsinger, Martin Sudhoff, Bernd Kuhlenkötter

Consideration of material efficiency in a learning factory
by Holger Brüggemann, Jean-Michel Meier, Sebastian Stempin

Ex Post Evaluation of a Learning Factory – Competence Development Based on Graduates Feedback
by Patrick Balve, Lena Ebert

Research-based Learning for Skill Development of Engineering Graduates: An empirical study
by Rajni Singh, Devikaa Sangwan, Christoph Herrmann, Sebastian Thiede, Kuldip Singh Sangwan

Influence of metacognitive awareness on engineering students’ performance: a study of listening skills
by Devika Sangwan, Rajni Singh

Students’ interactions: Using video data as a mean to identify competences addressed in learning factories
by Nine Reining, Simone Kauffeld, Christoph Herrmann

Hybrid learning environments by data-driven augmented reality
by Dörte Sonntag, Georgia Albuquerque, Marcus Magnor, Oliver Bodensiek

The Learning Factory – A New Stimulus to Enhance International Collaboration
by Darun, M.R., Palm, D., Athinarayanan, R., Hummel, V., von Leipzig K.

TU Wien Pilot Factory Industry 4.0
by Martin Hennig, Gerhard Reisinger, Thomas Trautner, Philipp Hold, Detlef Gerhard, Alexandra Mazak

SMEs can touch Industry 4.0 in the Smart Learning Factory
by David Grube, Ali A. Malik, Arne Bilberg

Self-organization of changeable intralogistics systems at the ESB Logistics Learning Factory
by Jan Schuhmacher, Vera Hummel

Learning factories as laboratories for socio-technical experiments
by Nina Tvenge, Kristian Martinsen and Halvor Holtskog

The Teaching Factory Network: A new collaborative paradigm for manufacturing education
by Dimitris Mavrikios, Konstantinos Georgoulias, George Chryssolouris

Practical Introduction to Machine Learning with Neural Nets in Industrial Environments
by Tobias Schubert

Energy Storage Technologies to foster Energy Flexibility in Learning Factories
by C. Schulze, S. Blume, C. Herrmann, S. Thiede

Application of robotics in rail car manufacturing learning factory: A case of welding complex joints
by John Ogbemhe, Khumbulani Mpofu, Nkgatho Tlale, Boitumelo Ramatsetse

IoT, IIoT and Cyber-Physical Systems Integration in the SEPT Learning Factory
by Ishwar Singh, Dan Centea, Mo Elbestawi

Servitization trend in the machine-tools market: comparing value from turnkey and specialized IoT-based analytics solutions using TOPSIS
by Philippe Legault, Luis Antonio de Santa-Eulalia, Elaine Mosconi, Fanny-Ève Bordeleau, Christian Francoeur, Nathalie Cadieux, Rosley Anholon, Zine Rekik

A knowledge-based approach to the IoT-driven data integration of enterprises
by Mehdi Mahmoodpour, Andrei Lobov

A case study based digitalization training for learning factories
by Maria Hulla, Markus Hammer, Hugo Karre, Christian Ramsauer

Databased learning of influencing factors in order specific transition times
by Günther Schuh, Jan-Philipp Prote, Marco Molitor, Frederick Sauermann, Seth Schmitz

Development of an easy teaching and simulation solution for an autonomous mobile robot system
by Vinu Vijayakumaran Nair, Daniel Kuhn, Vera Hummel

Audit – and then what? A roadmap for digitization of learning factories
by André Ullrich, Judith Enke, Malte Teichmann, Antonio Kreß, Norbert Gronau

Concept and case study for teaching and learning industrial digitalization
by Elena Mäkiö-Marusik, Armando Walter Colombo, Juho Mäkiö, Agnes Pechmann

Digitalized milk-run system for a learning factory assembly line
by Sascha Gotthardt, Maria Hulla, Matthias Eder, Hugo Karre, Christian Ramsauer

Attaining Learning Objectives by Ontological Reasoning using Digital Twins
by Joe David, Andrei Lobov, Minna Lanz

Example of a problem-to-course life cycle in layout and process planning at the MTA SZTAKI learning factories
by Zsolt Kemény, Richárd Beregi, János Nacsa, Csaba Kardos, Dániel Horváth

Learning in Context with Horizontally & Vertically Integrated Curriculum in a Smart Learning Factory
by Ragu Athinarayanan, Brittany Newell, Jose Garcia, Jason Ostanek, Xiumin Diao, Raji Sundararajan, Henry Zhang, Grant Richards

Integration of a Case Study into Learning Factory for Future Research
by Kavin Kathiresh Vijayan, Ola Jon Mork, Lars A.L. Giske

Uncertainty Management in Advanced Manufacturing Implementation: The Case for Learning Factories
by Luiz F. C. S. Durão, Marcos O. Guimarães, Mario Sergio Salerno, Eduardo Zancul

Subject-oriented learning – A new perspective for vocational training in learning factories
by Malte Teichmann, André Ullrich, Norbert Gronau

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